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2009-02-11 22:12:02 by Gerkinman

Bait and Switch, how i love it :)

Im still unemployed, i had an interview the other day, didn't get the job, kinda sucked, especially since the interview seemed to go so well, im still applying for around 20 jobs a day, but i never get any calls or emails back. Maybe im too specialized, i did spend the last 4 years in the one job, so its like like retailers or sales people want to train me, not when they can get someone who already has the skills. I hate sitting around here, don't get me wrong, im putting all my free time into my cartoons, and im making alot of progress since im always here with no job cutting into my time, but i hate the fact i have so much time to think. I do alot of thinking and having this much free time is just, overwhelming me. Ive written and story-boarded 4 entire scripts, that i doubt ill ever get the chance to do, i just hate to waste ideas. I have far to many things i want to make and i know ill never get to because im only one man, and that frustrates me. And on the note of frustration i hate the fact i keep thinking back to the past, it seems like free time is almost the same as time traveling, for me at-least, and i cant stop second guessing decisions i made in the past, some of them from 5 years ago even. What would of happened if i kept living at my parents and working at the restaurant instead of moving out on my own to work in advertising?, what would of happened if i never broke up with Joanime?, and why the hell did i do it in the first place?, and why did i turn into such a massive asshole after i did it? Not a day has gone by since i did it that i haven't felt regret, and despite having been in numerous relationships both in the real world, even living with one, as well as online i cant help buy wonder why i felt closer to her then i ever did to anyone in my life, maybe it was just the fact i was a kid, maybe it was something else, i don't know. I hate looking back, and generally i try to only look forward and thats probably why i have so many ideas and scripts on paper, stuff for the future. Just gah, im over it, i need a job to occupy my mind and so i can stop worrying about being kicked onto the street.

In other news the second episode of Out There, titled "Nebula" is about half completed, keep in mind that i started it about 2 weeks before the first episode was released. Its a little more slower paced then the first episode, with the whole thing being pretty much exclusively on the platform before the rocket launchers, in comparison to the first episode which had bits and pieces from everywhere. I dont want to give too much away but what i can say is this is the last episode set on Astros home planet, after this its off into space.

Lastly, just because its in the title, im going to explain why Resident Evil 5 is racist...

"Because it has black people in it, you can shoot nazis, jews, spaniards, mexicans, Caucasians and whatever the fuck else you want to shoot, but if you shoot a black man, im sorry, your a racist. Infact the very notion of a black zombie is racist. These are the facts. Deal with them. >=C"
End sarcasm

You stay classy San Diego

PS: Go donate some money to the peeps that got fucked up in them Victorian fires, because the government are being tight asses. Link courtesy of Rubberninjas journal, just chucking it out there for anyone who missed it. There's quite a few NG folk from down there, one in particular i havent been able to track down. Hope she's okay.

Donations Please

PPS: Whats this? Some kind of non pixel cartoon? Could it be? I believe it is... =o


Its funny what not having the internet for a few months can do to you, before i moved to my current residence i spent alot of my free time bitching and moaning about other animators, game parodies and all that shit, as do most NG people im sure, but then i moved and i didn't have access to the internet for 2 months. During this time i finished a short, half finished another, and thats all that really mattered, i wasn't caught up in what one particular group wanted and the bitchings and moanings of another group, all that mattered was what i was working on. And now i am, back online again after all this time, and it still doesn't matter. Maybe i just dont care what other people think anymore, or maybe ive accepted the fact that nothing is ever going to change. What i do know is that im tired of arguing on the internet when i could be making something creative. Let the babies have there video game bottles, and let the pretentious wankers that spend all there time arguing about original content continue there little circle jerk fest. Im not interested anymore, i just want to tell stories, good stories, bad stories, i dont care. At first i thought not having the internet for so long would kill me, now i think its the best thing that could of happened to me.

In news thats actually news, the first episode of Out There is out. The second episode is about 1/3 finished, not as much happens in it, its alot more focused, and rather sad, or at least its trying to be. Its called Nebula for those of you playing at home. Also on the way is a short cartoon based off a short comic i had done while at a bar called "I Am The Mango", its only a minute long and its more of a lip sync experiment then anything, but its radically different to Out There in every respect, i dont want to become a one trick pony after all. Pixels are nice, but cartoons are still my home.

Other then that, im still unemployed, i sent out over 30 applications this morning, if im lucky one might call back, it appears not even advertising is recession proof. Money is getting tight, i probably shouldn't have bought all those DVDs and GHWT when i arrived here...>__>

Hows everyone else doing?

Im going to keep this short and sweet, since there is no reason to write a massively long journal when i cant even check the comments to reply, so ill save my big journal for next week
when i should hopefully have the internet set up. Im merely putting up this journal to let everyone know that when my internet is set up next Monday (god forbid the internet actually gets
connected this time) ill be releasing my first submission of 2009 (Yes, its actually finished, im not just talking shit as i often do), my first pixel film "OT01: Out There".
More on that when it comes out. Who knows, in the next week i might even get a short done, its amazing just how much more productive you can be when you dont have the internet to distract you.

In other news i didnt get the delivery job, but have since found another source of income so its not that bigger deal, and i possibly have some other exciting things coming up in the future.

And finally, Zekey, if your reading this, you better have been working on Like A Brother in my absence, if you havent been ill have to fly over there and give you a ye ol spanking, got to get
that shit 100% completed this Febuary :P

So uh, thats it, hows everyone doing?

Lets all go for a ride on the spruce caboose.

And so here i am, almost 2 months on, still no internet, but im settled into my new home in Brisbane, its not so bad up here, certainly not what im used to, having lived in a beach side home for the last 4 years its a little odd getting used to the heat here, but im sure ill cope. Something that isn't coping so well is my bank account. I came up here with the promise of a job that conveniently fell threw, so now here i am, sitting in my new home, unemployed, which is rather boring since most days its far to hot to be sitting here in-front of the computron. I've got an interview this afternoon with a delivery service, not newspapers mind you, but electrical goods, TVs, Washing Machines, Fridges and the like. And to be honest, im kinda hoping i get it, it pays well and ive been wanting to work in something other then computers for a long time now. Allot of people learn animation and the like so they can go do it for a living, ive been doing it for 4 years now and i cant wait to get the hell out of animation (or rather i couldn't, i have no obviously hence me being in this predicament.), not because i hate it, quite the opposite in-fact, its my love of animation thats made me want to leave. if i get this job i should be making enough money to cover my living costs while still having 2 or 3 days a week to work on the animations i want, sure i might not be getting money out of them, i hardly expect to be winning cash prizes here on NG for these cartoons, and i doubt im the kind of guy Tom Fulp would sponsor, seeing as ive never really been much of a traffic draw and the cartoons i have in the works aren't going to change that, but thats the idea, ill be making enough money to make what i want without having to feel weird about it.

And now im on the topic of my animations i suppose i should talk about those. Over the last few weeks i came to the decision to cancel a bunch of the cartoons i had been working on, some of which i was half way threw. So heres a list and the reasons why for those people who had been following. Keep in mind that i still hope to use what i have done on a few of these to turn them into short comics for a collection i have been working on, but more on that when its closer to release.

The Back Alleys - Was a timely piece about the forums of the same name and the dramas that surrounded it, but since im not really active there anymore and the whole ordeal is over now there's no real point in continuing it.

Watermelons - This one was hard to cancel as an animation, but i wasn't happy with the quality of the storytelling and thus it was canned, will definitely be living on in the comic format however.

Hush - Another one that was hard to cancel, mainly because it was so close to completion and it meant allot to me, sadly, once i moved, what the cartoon was about was no longer relevant and i lost that sense of connection to the piece, as i kept working on it i felt sort of awkward so, i decided to leave it, im not sure if it will make it into my comic collection as of yet, im not sure it would work.

Jon the Fisherman - To be honest, as much as i love this story i never got much done on it, so look forward to really starting on it in the comic format.

So if thats what's cancelled then what's left? Well, the game Randy Rocket Snail is on hold until i get the internet back, im not much of a coder and i have some nasty bugs in the game that need cleaning up, which ill need help for, rest assured once i have the net back ill be diving strait back into it.
The paid music video i was working is all finished, on my end at-least, im still waiting for Zekey to complete all of his segments so i can compile the sucker. I cant really give a release date for it since its not up to me but rather the band, so who knows, it might be sitting around completed for 6 months before its release, i hope not but thats the nature of the business i suppose.
My first ever sprite cartoon is still going strong, tho its incredibly time consuming, i spent 9 hours on a 2.5 second sequence yesterday, 3 objects scaling away from the screen while a character walked towards it, in the end it was over 150 frames, for each layer, each being fbf, including the background, it was quite a time consuming process and ill keep that in mind when i set up the remaining scenes, i love the look of pixel scaling, but its just not practical enough to create to use all to frequently. (Out There Preview) For those who haven't read my previous journals and are curious, no, the sprite cartoon has nothing to do with mario, sonic or any other game character, nor is it full of bad jokes and dragon ball z sound effects, sorry to disappoint you.
Lastly, so as to keep things simple, 3 projects at a time seems a little easier to manage then 6 or 7. Anyways, where was i? Oh yes, my third project. After going back over my dialogue driven cartoons, i've come to the conclusion my storytelling abilities are far from up to scratch, im quite content with my ability to tell a story without words, you can check out Time Apple for an example of that, (One of the few flash i released last year i can look back at without cringing.) but as regards dialogue pieces, i can say im not happy with my work at all. Not that there are many people on NG that can carry a dialogue driven piece, at-least from what i've seen (feel free to link me to some cartoons that prove me otherwise). So yes, i've been thinking about how i can better my story telling abilities, and i thought what better way then adapting some fairy-tales, i know the idea is done to death, but i think adaption is a good way to get down the fundamentals of storytelling down, since story itself is already structured for you. The first story i was planning on doing was Rumpelstiltskin, followed by some more obscure of the Grimm's tales such as Deaths Messenger and The Straw, the Coal and the Bean. Ill be taking these as they come. Its a little hard working on fairy-tales for me since i don't want to cover old ground, and i want the stories to be fun and amusing without being the typical parody garbage that usually weasels its way into... well, everything nowadays. How does someone tell a story thats been told a hundred times and keep it a fresh, original retelling? Its not easy, i will leave it at that, hopefully ill have some screen shots up in my journal in the coming weeks.

I spose while im here i should do the little rip on Supah Nintendoh thats no doubt expected of me, i have to say, i was somewhat looking forward to its release, not because i thought the original was a masterpiece, but it did have a few segments that i at-least got a chuckle out of, not to mention it had some high quality animation scattered threw it. I got to say, i was surprised, i had my fingers crossed the writing might have improved a little for the second, but god damn, i don't think it could have possibly gone further in the opposite direction. I laughed at one segment, and out loud at that, but i couldn't get so much as a chuckle from any of the others. (That segment being the Tetris one, a classic gag used appropriately without a word spoken, loved it). But for the others, i don't know what was going on, i don't know whether to blame the writing or to blame the voice actors for screaming every line in irritating voices. Maybe there was a joke hidden among the screaming somewhere, maybe the screaming was the joke. I don't know, somebody fill me. Thats not to say it was all bad, there was allot of gorgeous animation threw-out, and seeing Richie using a tablet to do his segments certainly impressed me, im so used to his work having a very digital look due to the line tool, but seeing hand drawings in his segments really made me happy, made a huge difference, even if the content was nothing more then fan service. Even Legendary Frogs first segment didn't look horrible, tweened as always, but with allot more layers then i've ever seen him use before, and it was actually smooth, which kind of shocked me (Cant say the same for his second segment however.) I don't know if they plan on doing more or not, i do know that despite the fact i didn't particularly enjoy it, i would be interested in working in one, which is rather strange. Maybe its because i know that even people who know they will hate it will end up watching it regardless so they can bitch about it, being one of those people i can say it'd be nice to see something like this with something for everyone in it rather then just jokes for prepubescent boys. I don't hate video game parodies because of there popularity or use of characters, its there horrible writing and timing that does it. How come nobodies making parodies for people who's balls have dropped or have an IQ higher then 11? Make it happen.

Wow, that was a long journal... well it has been 2 months i suppose. Anyways, heres to my new city life. Bottoms up ladies.

*On a side note, if there's any NG news or interesting cartoons that have come out in the last 2 months paste the links in the comments so i can go check it out, thanks <3

The following is a lame and drama free post, sorry newgrounds, i know how you hate it when people arent stirring up shit.

This is it, my last post before i move interstate to the city of Brisbane. Which wont really mean much to anyone that doesnt live in Australia. Im leaving my job, here, in advertising, animating ads for borh Web and TV for the unknown, try to get a normal job and focus on film making, i cant stand the commercial animation world, and i dont understand why anybody would ever want to animate anything other then there own ideas and cartoons. On another know, maybe in a few months ill try to organise some sort of Brisbane NG meet, like those crazy American guys do. Theres some real talent up in BrisVegas and i look forward to meeting them.

In other news, i finished Dead Space last night, took me about 9 hours on Medium, cant say it really scared me at all, but i did find it alot of fun and incredibly atmosperic experience. Still got a few other games on my pile of shame from this year that im yet to finish. Mainly Lost Oddysee and Condemned 2, the later of which i havent fixed it because it scares the shit out of me. Still got Fable 2 sitting on my pile unopened aswell.

In flash related news... ive got nothing coming out until next year, probably in Febuary, maybe sooner depending on how progress on Like A Brother, with Zekey goes. If it does come along nicely i might be able to get my first short of 08 out, part of a 10 episode series. But like most things, im keeping it all hush hush for now, i will say that its mostly fbf pixel art, done without the pixel tool mind you. Hopefully Febuary will also see the release of the first episode Randy Rocket Snail aswell. Then again, who knows, i have so many unfinished projects, but at the same time, i also wont be working full time, so maybe ill get it all done after all. Its all so very confusing. On a side note none will be ad supported on sponsored, i know it seems to be all the rage today, but i dont think a couple of dollars is worth the shitty looking ads in the preloader. Not to knock the people that do use it, i just think it ads a cheap and tacky look to whatever its on. Or maybe its just because i spent the last 4 years working in advertising.

Uhhh, other then that, i turned 22 a couple of days ago, ive been drawing alot, storyboarded my part for a collab with Mr H.Harken, tho im not sure whats going on with it since i havent had proper net access in so long, and... well, thats it really. Got my farewell party tonight, think we are having a BBQ, should be pretty awesome.

To finish this off, i suppose ill post a pic i drew of everybodys front page hero. Link.

My last day as a professional animator.

Indeed there does, a time when you have to go out there and try something new and different, and that time is upon me. What is that time? Well the time to try something new ofcourse. Ive been keeping quite on this project for many months, i wanted to make sure it was of a high enough quality and completed to the point of no return before i announced it. Up until now, every submission i have ever made has been a movie, theres no games in my library, but all that is about to change. Im finally working on my first game, and its based on a property ive been mentioning on and off for over 2 years now. Those that frequent this journal may be familiar with a project ive had called Randy Rocket Snail. Originally it was going to be a flash game, then a movie, then it was going to be a comic, and then about 18 months ago i decided it was going to be a flash game again, an episodic game at that. Each episode consisting of one stage, and an opening and closing cutscene to tie things up. Im aiming for 7 episodes, the first of which will be hitting around late January, and hopefully, ill follow with one episode a month following until the series is finished. My highest priority is still the music video im working on with Zekey. Followed by all my unfinished cartoons from this year. But thats not what this journal is about, its all about welcoming back welcome back Randy >=C

Also i miss having the internet at home :(


There comes a time in every mans life

The Legend Of Failvid

2008-11-18 21:09:02 by Gerkinman

Seriously, how does something so poorly animated, so poorly voiced, so poorly written, so poorly directed... do so well? I have no idea, its zelda i suppose.

Now here we are, everyone getting ready for me to once again bring up the parody debate, but everyone can return there pitchforks, for that is not the basis for this post. Indeed, this is dedicated, exclusively to Zelda parodies, a question that has been plagging my mind since 2004. Why do people make parodies and fan movies, almost EXCLUSIVELY of Ocarina of Time? The game is 10 years old, there have been about 7 Zelda games since then, most of them (3d games atleast) are BETTER then OoT, but here we are, 10 years later, still being barraged by parodies of this same game. As stated earlier, this isnt about parody debate, this is just me saying, can we please, at the very least, have some diversity? There is more then one zelda game you know guys? Hello? Are you listning? I guess not.

Heres a picture of a swamp, from the new Nimbin i have in the works. Id be lieing if i said it wasnt inspired by the swamps of Termina.

The Legend Of Failvid

Yup, im leaving, leaving my home that is. Ive been living alone for almost 2 years now, and its time for a change, Sure living in a unit by the beach is awesome, but, there comes a time in every mans life when there needs to be change. So, im moving up the coast to Brisbane, which wouldnt make any sense to anyone outside of Australia, but there you go, who knows, maybe ill even get to meet Sexual Lobster.

In other news, less important news, i finished Gears of War 2 in a single sitting the day it came out, the sheer variety of set pieces in that game blew me away, i dont see how anyone could go back and ever play the first one again.

And in flash related news, the music video me and Zekey are working on is going quite well, well enough for me to start working on Hush again at the same time infact. Hush i hope to have out early next year, followed by the rest of the shorts i started before this freelance music video came in. The other shorts being "John The Fisherman", "The Back Alleys" and "Watermelons". These cartoons will also be released under a new name, indeed, Nimbin Industries is dead. I had big plans that where never realised, then again, not that Nimbin wont still exist, it just wont exist as you see it today. Tho more on that as the time comes closer.

Finally, heres some Les Claypool and Buckethead animation work ive found in my travels, im embaressed to admit i still havent got Les Claypools "Of Whales and Woe" album yet. Shame on me.

/* */

/* */
And finally, heres an image i finished the other day, something to do with this new Nimbin Universe perhaps?

Im leaving, for real this time.

The Xbox experience

2008-10-19 18:40:50 by Gerkinman

So the following is a long whiney rant about my experiences over the last week with my xbox, ive had one since launch, well, three actually, and it seems to go up and down in terms of fun. But anyways, heres my most recent experience.

Oh boy, so the other day i was feeling particularly like hoping into Gears of War, what with all the hype for Gears 2 and all. It was the first time id played my 360 online in months, let alone Gears which i played royally for months after launch, and i was excited about just sitting down and enjoying an hour of just mindless fun despite being quite rusty.

Minutes later, i was reminded of why i stopped playing online in the first place.

I only managed to get into 2 matches during my break, but during my first it was me and a team of what sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks screaming "n***a and fagget" over and over again like it was going out of fasion. Then all of a sudden it stoped, as a girl on the oposing team said something along the lines of "i hope we can have a good match everyone". Ofcourse this sent all the boys into a frenzy, telling her she was a bitch and she was on her period, along with that her voice made her sound like she was 8, not that they sounded any older. Anyways, i stuck it out for 7 matches and both teams were doing relatively well. I finally got sick of all the shit talking, and opened my mouth and told everyone to shut up, and that we should be focusing on team work and low and behold, i was called a fagget and trator and the 3 left, leaving me to fight off the 4 on the other team. Needless to say i only got one kill out of the remaining 4 matches, but i stuck it out.

By this time i had enough time in my lunch break for one more match, and so match i did. As soon as i got in i was baraged by the host about how if i quit i was going to be reported and the like, i didnt really know what he was talking about, but as more people joined they all seemed to be saying the same thing, so i go and take a look at my rep, and what do you know, my quit rate was listed as 100%. How the hell it got there i have no idea, i can only assume its from back when Halo 3 came out and i was playing on a broken router that booted me randomly, but im not sure that disconnects add to the quit rate. Either way i was a bit shocked by this, but promised the guys i wasnt the quiting type. I was also called a dick head for saying i just play games for fun, which is always a good sign. Anyway, once again it was just the words fagget and n****r tossed back and forth for a while, my team was loosing pretty bad and the other team was urging me to quit, since its apparently what i do best. Anyways, the rest of my team quit, and left me, alone once again. And so here i was with the one kill i had got over the 7 matches we had had so far, and after getting absolutely raped over the next 2 rounds i decided to play it a bit more stealth like rather then the way most people would play Gears, and hey, i killed one guy in the first round a 2 in the next, so what happens?, all of a sudden theyre calling hax and they all quit.

And as i said, now i remember why i stopped playing online in the first place. And also why im ashamed to admit to playing games online. I have no problems telling people about the 200+ hours i put into Oblivion, and no doubt will Fallout 3, or about how excited i am about Dead Space and Resident Evil 5. But i never feel good telling people about my online ventures. I know its a broad sweeping statement, but if i was going to use live as a description of gamers in general, Gamers would be the single biggest group of assholes and morons on the planet. I just want to be able to sit down and have a good time online, but thanks to Gamers and Gamer Culture i cant, so thanks guys, looks like i should just stick to single player games after all...

Anyway, about 4 days after this my Xbox starts shitting its pants, no red ring of death for me, that would be too easy, no instead i just end up with the image either freezing, or the audio visual just cutting out completely, with the fan going berserk. So anyway, i try the usual things, nothing worked, so i call customer support, anyways, im on the phone for an hour and a half to some guy i can barely understand from india, we go over all the things ive already done, clearing the cache and so on. He finally says i can ship it back, he starts giving me the details and the phone goes dead, and im greeted with a message along these lines "Microsoft Customer Service Hours are currently over, please try again tomorrow". Needless to say i was pretty pissed to have to sit there for over an hour going over this shit with a dude i cant understand only to have myself kicked off before any sort of resolution.

This is my xbox experience.

In completely non gaming related news, the freelance job ive been working on with Zekey is going brilliantly, everything seems to finally be coming together. And ontop of that im looking at restarting "The Martian Saga" tho under a new name and format, im calling it Lords of Cydonia at the moment, that will most likely change. And hopefully once this freelance toon is finished ill finally be able to finish off Hush along with a few other little projects ive had in the pipe line for too long.

Also, for anyone in Sydney, im thinking of moving down, just because im weird like that.

So, as a going away present, heres an old cartoon of mine and a new drawing as a reward for reading all that bullshit =D

/* */

The Xbox experience

A Voice Acting Dilemma

2008-10-11 23:37:47 by Gerkinman

Once upon a time, cartoons had characters, now these characters of course had voices and the voices are what made them who they were, indeed, the voices are what brought them to life. But the cartoon characters themselves where always the stars.

Fast forward many a decade to our current time. Every time a new animated feature comes out who are the focus? Is it the characters? Ha ha, the characters arent important, no its the actors voicing the characters that are the stars. Thats not to say that most actors don't do a good job, but more so that the characters themselves are really just shells, nobody cares about the characters anymore, its all about the celebrity behind it.

This seems to be a trend thats followed threw to here. Now all you need to do for a cartoon to be considered good is to get another popular animator to put their voice into it, make sure you plaster there name all over everything and hey bingo, you got yourself a good movie. Better yet, to be a good voice actor all you need to do is make a funny voice. Emphasis, subtle character traits, personality? Pffft, thats not what makes a character come to life, nah, just give em a funny voice and you got yourself a winner. Bonus points for screaming and talking jibberish. After all, the characters dont matter, its the voice actor behind it thats the real star of the show.

Ofcourse this is all merely my opinion, and personally, i think the only good voice actor on this site is David Firth, with each character being a complete individual with tonnes of little details in the personality and voice delivery that everyone else here lacks, not to mention his reoccurring characters are always consistent. Tho i know alot of people here will argue the point because of the lack of diversity in his accents. Or maybe its just the fact his characters dont sound like anime dubbing which is the most i can say for most of the other "voice actors" here. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but not everything needs to sound like that.

So heres the fun part, what do other people here think.

Also here is me as a pirate, because im cool like that.

A Voice Acting Dilemma