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New Super Mario Cartoon!

2012-12-20 23:11:00 by Gerkinman

Well, sort of, its a HD re-release of my 2004 short The True Super Mario 2, which was a sequel to The True Super Mario only a little more popular. Just a tiny bit. You can check it out RIGHT HERE if your the sort of person thats into that kind of thing. Of course its also up on my youtube page for those of you who are fond of a more instant form of gratification.

If your not familiar with the series here is the first. There is 4 in total, but im only going to be remastering the first 3 as the 4th one is... not something im interested in revisiting. Im also thinking of maybe doing a 5th episode next year after a 8 year hiatus.

Its sort of strange that when this were originally released they were put down because of the crude animation, rambling dialogue and yelling. Now that sort of comedy is incredibly popular, so I guess im hoping they will find new life now.

Speaking of next year, I am going to be trying to tone down the number of remastered old shorts I released, I have gone through and selected a number of the shorts im most proud of to go back and clean up but I wont be doing my whole catalogue and I think most of them will be featured exclusively on my YOUTUBE channel. Now that I am no longer attending film school I am hoping to have something made for every loopdeloop next year. I also have one short film written with completed audio and animatics along with several short shorts and Nimbin shorts written that I hope to release. Time to stop looking back and start looking forward I think. This will be my last post for the year, so wishing yall a happy xmas and all that shit. Oh, and feel free to like my FACEBOOK page as Im always updating it with new illustrations and preview shots from up coming projects.

- Daniel

New Toon Released.

2012-12-12 19:08:21 by Gerkinman

Well, I guess thats a lie, its actually an old toon. A very old toon. In fact its my oldest toon, the very first animation I ever made actually. Aside from being posted on SheezyArt way back when, the cartoon was never released on Newgrounds. Because it was made in 2002 (2 years before I joined Newgrounds) and was rather awful, even by my standards when I started here in 2004. SO as the last year of Gerkinmans 10 year anniversary I went back to clean it up and finally give it a proper release. You can check it out HERE!.

Alternatively you can check it out below on Youtube, along with the original.

I also have a new facebook page if you want to keep track of both my new animations and illustration work!

This will be my last post for the year, I hope to be back again next year with lots of new content, both new and old!

- Daniel
Visitors From Dreams

Celebrating 10 years of Gerkinman

2012-08-02 20:58:04 by Gerkinman

9 years ago I submitted my first flash movie to newgrounds. The movie had been floating around the internet for a year before making its way on newgrounds (Hence this year being Gerkinmans 10 year anniversary) but when it did my life changed forever. I found myself with a demand for more cartoons, a demand that dissipated over the years. While most people would find people loosing interest in there animations discouraging (as I did myself for a number of years), in the end I found it allowed me to make more personal films without having to worry so much about what other people thought.

Once upon a time I hated the fact people were getting popular for making parodies while I lost popularity for pursuing my own ideas, and one could argue it could be easier to feel that way now that people are making money out of other peoples properties. BUT I dont. In fact I dont think I would change a thing. I dont think I would be happy making a living out of characters I didn't create myself, but thats just my mentality.

So what better way to celebrate 10 years of mediocre receptions to my films online then by making a film celebrating Gerkinmans 10 year anniversary? Theres none I tells ya! None.


Farewell Edd

2012-03-28 08:22:29 by Gerkinman

Me and Edd go way back, 2004 back. Was certainly a little distressed when I found out about his passing this morning. Really came out of nowhere as I was only talking to him just 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I made this video tonight, felt like I had to say something.

So farewell Edd, you were a great animator, and a great friend and you will be missed greatly.


2012-03-28 08:16:42 by Gerkinman


So i've been busy, really busy.

Most of my time these last few weeks have been spent working on my very first proper television commercial and I will probably show it off if it ever makes its way online. I guess the fact that I am making things like TV commercials now is proof that anybody can make a living doing flash animation if they put there mind too it. God knows there are plenty of people here that are a billion times more deserving then I am, just got to learn to put yourself out there I suppose.

I also just released my newest animation, called . Recurring Dream. Its a step in the direction I want to take with my animation going forward, after spending the last few years focusing on super clean vector animation, I feel like I pushed that style as far as I could with The Telescope and that its time to move on.

Going forward I want to stop having to make flash for both video and the .swf format, and I hope that with the new Newgrounds redesign Tom caters to people who feel like they are being limited by the primitive artificial barriers of flash. I want to start exploring the use of image backgrounds painted in ArtRage as well as effects work done in After Effects more and more going forward, and having to release gimped versions of film based in Flash just for hosting on one website seems a little wasteful. Even this short animation has some effects in the youtube version that I just couldn't put into the flash version, which was a real pain. But im sure Tom is aware of this tho and is working out the issue.

I also recently rereleased all 8 episodes of my 2005 series Bricks Are Fun. They might not seem like much now, but back in 2005, on DeviantArt at least, they were top tier comedy. Boy am I glad we have progressed past those days. You can check the out below. They certainly havent aged well, but its like looking into a time portal to 6 years ago.

Im looking at making 8 new episodes this year, with new art and a more modern format. Heres hoping they work out well.

Now something I havent been doing lately, and its something that people have been complaining about with my more modern news posts on here, is that ive been skimping out on the ytpmv. So here we go. Hopefully this will make up for the lack of it in the last few months.

Heres a new shot from Gerkinman Returns. And im out.

Arrow in the missed the boat on that one.

So I hear you like Skyrim?

2011-12-18 17:45:59 by Gerkinman

Its been a fair while since I last blogged here, far too long in fact.

So since my last post I have started putting some old content on you Youtube account, some of it has been on Newgrounds and some of it was only posted on my SheezyArt and DeviantArt.

So far I have uploaded one of my sequences from The Doom Project called Hall of the Cyberdemon

And I also put up a very short animation called The Pickle Has You which was never uploaded here. It was made back when Matrix Parodies were all the rage.

Ive also gone back through my archives and have started converting Bricks Are Fun to HD and tweaking the art to make it burn the eyes less then it currently does, it doesn't help much, but a little is better then not at all.

As far as new content goes im hoping to finish Gerkinman Returns while im away visiting family for a week. I wont have access to the internet the whole time and so hopefully I wont get anywhere near as distracted as I do at home.

Im not sure what im doing next year as far as work and getting a higher education is concerned yet. If I get into the film course I applied for I wont be able to work on the new Nimbin series as I had planned and I will have to find some other means to keep myself busy animation wise. If I dont get in to the course tho everything should go as I had originally planned, so I guess we will see what happens.

For those who are interested I have also been uploading old images with a small right up on my tumblr. You can follow me here.

Ill leave you now with a photo of me at an Google Android display I did the animation for. Was a fun little project.

So I hear you like Skyrim?


2011-10-13 23:51:18 by Gerkinman

Normally I would fill this space with stuff about my life and shit, but im going to keep things short, if you really want to know whats going on follow my BLOG. Its full of not only news and detailed making of's of my projects, but I have also started doing retrospectives on my old flash cartoons from 2003. Oh man, going back to those... ain't easy. Speaking of those days, I redrew a frame from the very first Gerkinman cartoon the other day, go check it out!

Anyway, what else have I been up too? Well, my newest loop for loopdeloop is now up on the site. You can check it out here! I plan on releasing it here on Newgrounds closer to halloween.

I also did some motion graphics for Ford...

Now thats out of the way I will spend the rest of the month working back on my new Nimbin short. You can see a screen at the bottom. Because of freelance I havent touched it in over a month :(

Now someone asked me If I could go one blog post without spamming it full of gay porn remixes. And the answer is...

Yes, yes I can.

Also worth checking out is this little video by Blordow... or Blordough... depending on the site? Pretty much sums things up.<div class="blogmedia">

For all you Super Mario Land fans out there. Also lovers of Fags.

And I will leave you with this animatic for some quality Australian animation entertainment. W00p.

So until next time.


Electric Blue

2011-09-10 09:17:34 by Gerkinman

Well, its a day later then it was supposed to be, but a late update is better then no blog update.

So as I sit here listening to "Icehouse - White Heat", let me tell you all about the goings on in the wide and exciting world of my animation.

I suppose the first thing I should talk about should be the Nimbin Pilot, which now im looking at it isn't so much a pilot as it is a reintroduction to the series set an undisclosed amount of time after episode 5 of the original series. But I think for the series after this short, I want to start all over again, telling Gerkinman's origin story and then having that lead into the main Nimbin series. The reasoning behind this was that I had originally written Gerkinman's origin story for use in a graphic novel (How to Pickle a Gherkin), but looking at it now I think it would be better suited to animation, mainly because it can be read in its entirety in less then 10 minutes, but also because animation is so much more dynamic. Its not as short as what I had originally planned for the series to be, but I think if im going to be trying to sell the series to TV networks, or at the very least pitching it, the story I had previously written would be better suited. Anyways, You can find a final rendering from the first scene below.

I also uploaded my last major film The Telescope with commentary! Because im exciting like that, listen to me and Mark Schnieder from Toonwerks give you the least informative behind the scenes ever!

I have also started work on this months Loop De Loop, with the theme "Down the Rabbit Hole". The animations will be getting screened as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. So thats exciting.

I also managed to watched the entirety of the series Adventure Time in just over a week. Its the first time I have really sat down to watch a series in great length since last years season of Dr Who. I remember seeing the pilot for adventure time back in 2008 and being excited at the prospect of it being developed into a full fledged series, but aside from the odd episode here and there I had not really had the chance to watch it at length. Ive got to say I was very impressed by it, I think there was only one episode in the whole series to date that I didn't find entertaining. It was refreshing seeing something that really captures the essence of being a kid but isn't afraid of dark themes, or flat out disturbing imagery (Like seeing a bird turned inside out and hopping hopelessly as it tries to fly). Im looking forward to seeing more of it as it comes out.

And really, thats about all this week. Maybe next week when my Loop is finished I will have something more substantial to talk about.

So heres some junk!

This one has been around for a while. Wish there was some way to use it legally at the start of a film.

This is one of my favorite tracks from the original Star Wars trilogy. Now for some reason it was never archived and this is supposably the best sounding version of the track still around. It cant be found on any of the soundtracks or anything ever released. A damn shame. Can someone remake this track from scratch please? I would be eternally grateful <3

A must love for any Pokemon fan.

I dont know what this is exactly but its catchy as all fuck.

Lastly is something a little less ridiculous. Some time lapse photography from Brisbane Australia. An event called Riverfire. I actually lived just down the road from this even for 2 years, but seeing as I moved interstate at the beginning of this year I obviously couldn't attend this one.

Electric Blue

State of the Art

2011-09-02 03:38:55 by Gerkinman

Well its Friday, and that means im going to update my blog, as id like to update it at least once a week and Friday is a good day.

So this week, first week with internet in a while, what did I do. I have set up a Vimeo account finally, you can check it out here!

I also updated my website, redoing the animation page and also adding a page for the Nimbin character models to the Graphic Art section.

Speaking of Nimbin, look down below, its coming along. There will only be a few more shots after this that will be rendered in this style, and then it switches to new character models that will be animated with dreaded tweening. Its a bitter sweet parting, but one that needs to happen for the sake of ever getting this pilot, neigh, series! completed.

As far as personal life goes, I still havent found work, but I have found out that through one of the recruitment agencies i get work through, they will pay for me to do a 2 week course through I am currently talking to them about doing the course in After Effects, as I would like to get out of web and more into the film - television line of work.

I am also currently looking at going to university to study film and television, although choosing a university is tough as they all offer different things.

And thats about all for now, lets see what next week brings.

Here, have some spam.

This last one isn't really spam, but ive been playing Deus Ex a lot lately, and this one you can try at home.

Ali Oop!

State of the Art