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It has been an interesting few weeks since my last update. I have spent the majority of the last 2 weeks freelancing at an agency known as Clemengers, with the Melbourne branch being the second biggest advertising agency in Australia. It was a great experience. Now I am waiting to hear back from one of my other recruiting agencies about another job, but thats all boring, how about some fun stuff?

Work has finally started on the new Nimbin series, I dont just mean storyboards and character design either, I mean animation has finally started with the animatic for the pilot episode well and truly under way. I originally thought the first episode would only be around 1 minute long, but now that the animatic has begun, I can see its going to more likely be around the 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. That doesn't mean its going to take 2 years to finish like The Telescope did however. I don't want to say im animating it cheap and nasty, but I am reverting more to an animation style I used in one previous short that was designed around making things look like they are moving smoother then they actually are. Its also the first time I have done lip sync in over 2 years, learning it all over again. You can find a screen grab from the animatic below.

You might ask why I would want to bring back the Nimbin series since the last REAL episode came out in 2006, and Gerkinman had a very rushed and horrible last episode in 2005. The characters are no longer relevant, and Gerkinman was never really a super popular character here on Newgrounds to begin with, and im sure that only 2% of people on here, if that, even still remember him. Quite simply, it's because I finally feel like I can put my ideas on to the screen. My technically skills have finally caught up with my imagination. Im not expecting to take off like Egoraptor, Chris O'Neill or Hot Diggedy Demon have, and I doubt I ever will, but I do finally feel like I can release work that I am proud of.

The main issue im having now is with the title of the series itself. I don't know wether I should called it Nimbin or Gerkinman. After all, it is a direct followup to the original 5 episode Nimbin series with all the same (but redesigned) characters, but it also features Gerkinman a lot more then the original Nimbin series did (he was in 3 of the 5 episodes). Gerkinman is also a much more recognised name online...

Decisions... Decisions...

Have your say below!

New Nimbin/Gerkinman series FINALLY underway.

So many projects! NG Meet.

2011-07-20 09:04:57 by Gerkinman



Boy oh boy have I been a busy little bee lately, I only just noticed that I didn't even put up a new blog when I released my last big film The Telescope. Shame on me.

So whats been happening all this time?

Well, as I mentioned above The Telescope came out, check it out here!
It felt great finally getting the film out after over 2 years, I am looking forward to submitting it to some film festivals in the future.

I've also released 3 loops for Neil Sanders Loop De Loop project. Each one was a lot of fun to create. You can find the first one, which is far more typical of my more recent work here! The 2 more recent loops are a bit more experimental on my end, inspired by David Firths "Stanly" series and the works of Cyriak. The first of these photo animation loops was recently on front page thanks to Toms Friday hunts, if you still somehow missed it just have a looksee over here!. The second is even more out there, you can find it OVERE HERE!

In other animation news, some of you may remember back in 2005 I was working on a series called Nimbin, I made a total of 2 episodes myself before handing the series over to th1rt3en who is now working on the Wonders of the Universe series. Since, he recently made his way to Australia and I managed to get him around, we recorded some commentaries on the original Nimbin series, all 5 episodes, as well as The Telescope. Why you ask? For nostalgias sake I suppose, and because I have heard rumblings of a Nimbin reboot...

So far only Episodes 1 and 2 are online.

I also found some footage from the original Nimbin: The Movie. It has not aged well. At all.

Sooo.... can I think of anything else?

Heres some random videos I suppose.

As always, lets get the gay porn out of the way.

And then follow it up with this amazing Roger Rabbit remix. Come on Eddy!

Its not all remixes tho, not on my watch. Heres a business with amazing pro video editing and animation skills. What a team!

Words cant even describe this one.

And lets finish it up with some top shelf music!

Thats pretty much it folks.

By the way, me and th1rt3en have restarted "Out There". But shhh, its a secret!

So many projects! NG Meet.

Yes, after posting about the film for like, 2 years now The Telescope is finally out, you can check it out here and feel free to vote fairly, and more importantly, take the time to write a review, as its the only way Ill ever improve.

Normally most people would go on about the process that went into making a film like this, not me tho, nope, im going to blog about what I learnt while making this film.

During the production of this like 2 and a half minute short I managed to quit flash animation twice, move house 3 times, change jobs twice, cure cancer and proof the ancient astronaut theory to be correct. So I guess what I learnt was that, making cartoons, as much as I love making them, is getting progressively harder as I get older. When I was in high school I had little to worry about, I could spend hours a day tinkering away in flash with little consequence. Now im going on to 25, work full time, spend an hour each way in transport, have chores around the house, a girlfriend to spend time with as well as freelance contracts, it all adds up and makes putting the time and effort into these films harder. Of course the logical thing to do would be to make the films shorter, but really, is 3 minutes all that long?

Some people seem to keep churning out quality content consistently, increasing in quality as they age (Im looking at you Greasy Moose) but personally im finding it rather hard. Thats not to say im going to be quitting any time soon, no sir, if anything im more determined then ever. With multiple new shorts already storyboarded and also a major collab starting in the coming weeks. How will I find the time? I dont know, I guess Ill just have to sort out something. When I was younger I had people who wanted to see more cartoons from me, and that was an incentive, now that im largely inactive and the only people from this site who recognize me are old as dog balls the only incentive is really my own self gratification that i've completed something. Watch out kiddies, this future could be yours too.

Also im thinking of jumping from Flash to Toon Boom. Just sayin.

In other news, and more interesting to most people im sure.


Oh yes, Youtube that cesspool of assery, what fun have you for me to share with Newgrounds this time? Hmmmm.....

Im still very much enjoying the art of the YTPMV.

Like this classy little ditty.

Or if your feeling fancy you can take our good friend Mr Trollolololol to the clubs.

Even Homer likes to get in on the action from time to time, especially when Kirby is involved. I must say the audio segments chosen in this one are pretty much the most cleverly placed i've found to date.

And who doesn't love some Old Spice and Megaman action? Or Spiceman I suppose...

Sometimes I like Mr Spice all on his own.

But of course the ones I love most are any to do with The Boy Next Door.

Using this brilliant movie you can cover all your bases.

From Bayonetta

To Star Fox

But in the end its all performance art from my deepest darkest fantasy.\

And thats all folks.

The Telescope Released - How Real Life Effects Flash Progress

Im Animating Salad Fingers 10

2011-04-09 03:08:27 by Gerkinman

Its been another big and productive week. I couldn't tell you how many banner ads I churned out this week, but I can tell you it wasn't a small number. Even outside of work I have had a rather large week creative wise.

First up here is a vector piece. I did the original drawing probably around 6 months ago while I was still in Brisbane, during a lunch break. Only now have I got the time to vector it, with most of the line art done during my lunch break at work. Managed to finish it this morning because thats what weekends are for.

Also during my lunch breaks this week I finished this little piece.

I also manage to finish the single longest scene in The Telescope this week, now that its finished Im hoping the rest of the film flies by, since few scenes are longer then 3 seconds.

I also managed to finally throw up a header and change my icon and profile pic. Feels good man.

Sooooo.... I guess ill just leave you with this. Enjoy

Im Animating Salad Fingers 10

Sooooo, im working in a new job, making banner ads like I was a number of years ago before the gfc hit. It pays well (better then TV animation according to one employee who recently fell into the job after the local TV animation well ran dry) and they are currently looking for animators to start in the coming months, so anyone in the Melbourne area that wouldn't mind putting there flash skills to good use send me a PM with some examples of your work and then I can pass on your details to my employer.

Now that I have that out of the way, heres some boring updates about my flash work.

I plan on having The Telescope finished and released within the next 2 months. Fingers crossed I get it done in time. I also plan on entering it into the Melbourne Animation Festival next year.

When The Telescope is finished I plan on reverting back to key frame only animation, this is after discussing my work with a number of both professional, and hobbyist animators. The current message I seem to be hearing most is that my key poses are strong and that Spaceman Bobs Time Apple is my strongest work to date. Apparently by adding in in betweens I loose something, and that keeping everything as just keys really separates my work from other artists and animators with similar styles.

Im also working on a collab that should be fun and something a little different from me. Less like Cock Joke Solid and more like something that isn't like Cock Joke Solid.

And im also planning a couple of little loops, mostly done during my lunch breaks at work.

Also I have an incoming Illustration, would like it finished before Friday.

Here, have a doodle from said collabs character design.

Calling all Melbourne flash developers, potential job opportunity!

What kicks kiddly peeps?

Not much news on my end since my last update, I did go to a job interview earlier this week, at a web banner agency called nds creative. The interview went well and i've been asked in for 2 paid days next week, if I go well on those 2 days I get the job, so I have my fingers crossed that everything goes to plan. Some interesting people working at this joint to, with that animation on the front page being done in house by a kid who comes from a cartoon animation background, rather than an advertising and design background like most people who end up working in web banners.

Aside from this i've been working hard on The Telescope (between sc2 matches >_>;), I was originally making it one scene at a time, with no animatic, just with storyboards in a note book, but i've since taken the time to go back and add some things into earlier scenes and finish of the animatics for the rest of the film, I believe most of the really time consuming animation is behind me, thank god, so now its just a matter of going through the animatic and vectoring each frame. You can see a new screen below.

Also, I think RubberNinja found this, seriously, wtf am I looking at and why can't I turn away?

Topical heading the will attract many comments.

Happy Bieberday

Yes, after a long absence, all sorts of ups and downs, and over a year since my own original short, I finally managed to squeeze out a little animated piece. Of course, since its been so long I was feeling a little rusty, I thought I would do what a lot of beginner animators do, make something short about pop culture. Certainly not something im usually interested in, and certainly not something I currently have any plans for in the future, but I just felt like I had to do something.

For those who have been following me for a while now you may also remember a short film I was working on called "The Telescope", this is still coming, its been in production for over a year now, and it is slowly coming together, and I think its that great amount of time its taken thats been making me feel a little down as of late, and why I woke up Friday morning and decided I needed to finish this short which was originally for XMas. So there you have it, The Telescope is still coming, just really slowly.

Im also looking at bringing back my Nimbin series from a number of years back, different formula and art style of course, but i've just been drawing these characters for so long now without actually doing anything with them im starting to feel bad.

Outside of that animation news, uhhh, im currently unemployed and desperately looking for work, I have some interviews in a couple of weeks for some high calibre advertising jobs, but if those fall through (and theres not that many around) im going to run out of money fast. Kind of reminds me of a situation I was in a number of years ago when I last moved.

Oh! Thats right. Also redid my website. Go check it out!


Its still not 100% complete, but its well on its way.

To close, heres an animation by Zekey that he was working with Skoo on, but it was never finished, shame really :(

Ive made it to Melbourne!

2011-01-25 20:13:35 by Gerkinman

Yup, ive finally made it all the way south to Melbourne, it was 5 days of travelling by car, we saw many sites and spoke to many people on this journey, but we are here now. You can read all about it over at my Blog if you feel so inclined. Lots of photos and the like.

Anyways, so what am i going to do now im here?

Well I need to find a place to live, that'd be number one, im currently staying at my partners friends place while they are over seas, they get back on the 20th so we need to be out of here before then.

I also need to find a job, this is tricky, i really dont want to get desperate and end up in a warehouse or something like I did when i moved to Brisbane, that would suck. I spent 4 years working in Flash Development and id very much like to get back into it.

Im also working on my first iPhone app, its going well so far, should have some screens to show soon, not that its the sort of thing the average Newgrounds user would be interested in.

Uhh, thats about it really. Heres a video of the greatest Starcraft 2 match of all time.

Also heres a local production, seems appropriate since its Australia Day, its all about how to be a man!

Thats it really, hopefully next time ill have something thats actually interesting to say.

But probably not.

Ive made it to Melbourne!

Okay, i usually write super massive posts, today im not, im going to try doing things in dot points.

- Today I officially left Brisbane and began the drive to Melbourne, will be stopping at Lismore, Tamworth, Sydney and Canberra on the way.

- Once I arrive I will be shifting my efforts from Flash Cartoons to iPhone and iPad development, not in the area of games, but a creative outlet none the less.

- Here is a film i made, its full of boring nature things, but you do get to see me freak out when a bug crawls onto my hand at the end.

/* */
- I need to find work ASAP

- My blog is active again, for the next week or two it will be focused on my road trip for those who are into that sort of thing, after that it will shift back to flash animation and development.

- Here is a man dressed up as a chicken playing "What is love?" and is totally the reason i am moving to Melbourne.

/* */
- Starcraft 2 is super addictive, and so is watching replays.

- No drawing or photo this time :(

- Best channel on Youtube for those who haven't found it yet.

/* */
Pig wrapped in Bacon? Hells yeah!

That's all folks.

Yes, come January im going to be moving down to Melbourne, seems there are allot of cool animation folk down that way, maybe they can inspire me to get my ass back into gear aye?

So far im looking at one of two options, ive been shortlisted for RMIT (thats a fancy pants university for you folk outside of AUS), got the interview on my birthday OR i have an interview at a media agency the following day for a job doing banner ads and other web content, maybe if im lucky i will be able to juggle them both and really get that creative groove back.

In other news, ive just relaunched my website Visitors From Dreams as they old one was broken and had almost no content on it, i was sure to launch this one functional and with plenty of content, you may even find some animation you havent seen before. I hope to keep adding to the illustration and animation pages over the coming weeks since i have such a huge backlog of work.

I guess to close up ill post a couple of what i believe are the finest music videos to grace this sun scorched country, wish i could make a video for these guys.

/* */

/* */

Watch out Melbourne! Here i come! Also new site online!