New Year New Cartoons

2013-01-20 02:38:21 by Gerkinman

Yeah, its a new year and I think I have done pretty well to have already released 2 short films. The first being Hollywood which you can find below, its about how I understand the movie business works these days.

And the second piece is the first in a series of time-lapse short films entitled Serenity, the first short being called Albatross.

As for the rest of the year, I have another short animated film called I Am the Mango almost completed, it tells the tale of a number of animals in the city who have named themselves after fruits and vegetables.

I also have 3 new episodes of Nimbin written as well as a handful of 30 - 45 second skits I want to get done.

Thats on top of 2 short films I hope to get finished, one which I hope will be film festival worthy.

Then theres loopdeloop and oh the list goes on and on....

If you really want to follow my animation and keep track of how im going in the Pokemon Challenge where you have to draw one of the original 151 Pokemon a day in order then follow me on Facebook.

What do you hope to achieve this year?

I leave you with a preview shot of I Am The Mango.

New Year New Cartoons


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2013-01-20 06:31:52

I want to be a mango this year!

Gerkinman responds:

Mangoes are the most delicious of all fruits I believe.


2013-03-14 01:27:18


Gerkinman responds: