New Super Mario Cartoon!

2012-12-20 23:11:00 by Gerkinman

Well, sort of, its a HD re-release of my 2004 short The True Super Mario 2, which was a sequel to The True Super Mario only a little more popular. Just a tiny bit. You can check it out RIGHT HERE if your the sort of person thats into that kind of thing. Of course its also up on my youtube page for those of you who are fond of a more instant form of gratification.

If your not familiar with the series here is the first. There is 4 in total, but im only going to be remastering the first 3 as the 4th one is... not something im interested in revisiting. Im also thinking of maybe doing a 5th episode next year after a 8 year hiatus.

Its sort of strange that when this were originally released they were put down because of the crude animation, rambling dialogue and yelling. Now that sort of comedy is incredibly popular, so I guess im hoping they will find new life now.

Speaking of next year, I am going to be trying to tone down the number of remastered old shorts I released, I have gone through and selected a number of the shorts im most proud of to go back and clean up but I wont be doing my whole catalogue and I think most of them will be featured exclusively on my YOUTUBE channel. Now that I am no longer attending film school I am hoping to have something made for every loopdeloop next year. I also have one short film written with completed audio and animatics along with several short shorts and Nimbin shorts written that I hope to release. Time to stop looking back and start looking forward I think. This will be my last post for the year, so wishing yall a happy xmas and all that shit. Oh, and feel free to like my FACEBOOK page as Im always updating it with new illustrations and preview shots from up coming projects.

- Daniel


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2012-12-20 23:37:54

I remember the first 'True SMB' when it came out. The second one seemed kinda lacking somehow, but you're right, you pioneered the genre!
Did you finish Film school? In what area of expertise? The world needs better DP's....

Gerkinman responds:

I ended up having to drop out of film school because of work commitments. I didn't actually learn all that much that I didn't already know but I did improve my writing and a few other smaller things like that while I was there.