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Ill just get this out of the way, this is in no way a "i hate newgrounds" post or a complaint on the direction the site has been heading, but lately I have started to notice some really negative trends taking place on the site.

There are a lot of these issues, but this blog is mainly to do with how the portal currently works. As many as you have most likely noticed the portal is constantly under judgement which is leading to some huge issues. I have had some animations of mine take up to 48 hours to get out of judgement, which means that I am ineligible for a daily place. While getting a daily place used to be quite exciting and meant a bit of exposure, it is now the only means of getting people to even see your work. It used to be once your animation got out of judgement that people could see wether your work was in the blue or in the green in the portal and regardless of score you would get at least a couple of thousand hits. NOW with it taking so long to get through judgement, by the time its cleared most people tend to be lucky to have broken 500 hits and then the viewing stops as the work just disappears into the portal never to be seen again. I understand that this was what the latest and greatest pages were designed for but it doesn't seem like anybody is willing to venture further then the front page. I've been observing this trend not only on my own submissions but the submissions of others and the average number of views something tends to get once it gets out of judgement IF it doesn't get a daily place is lucky to break the 50 - 100 view mark. Of course those who already have an established fan base get their work through judgement in a matter of hours (an example would be Harry Patridge's latest cartoon which was submitted hours after my own and came through judgement almost a day before mine) but for those who dont have a large established fan base, or those who are trying to build a fan base it creates a handy cap that is almost impossible to be broken. And honestly, its frustrating and disheartening enough for me to stop recommending animators who are just starting out to post their content here.

At first I thought the issue stemmed from a lack of people visiting the site, but then I saw the numbers people like Spazkids animations brought in while on the front page and realised the REAL problem is the lack of incentive for people to go through to the portal and vote on new submissions.

I dont have any solutions for this problem, although I wish I did, and I know you people on the staff at Newgrounds are more aware of these issues then anyone. BUT by that same token, the fact this has gone on so long without being corrected makes me wonder what the point of this site is and who they want submitting things, because at the moment, its clear that the site isn't interested in catering to upcoming and new talent to the levels it needs to in order to keep new blood joining into the future.

Thoughts anyone?

Also I released a new cartoon last week, here it is if you didn't see it when it was released.

PokeAwesome 3 Released OMG

2013-04-24 00:19:48 by Gerkinman

OH MAN I FORGOT TO MAKE ONE OF THESE FOR A FEW WEEKS! I made all kinds of shit! Check em out!

First up and most recent is PokeAwesome 3. Yeah, its pretty amazing. It has Pokemon in it and everything.

I also released a little short called 2 Guys 1 Shark which has been pretty well received.

AAAAND this stupid little animation called Gotta Eat Fast...

I always worked with the animator Bletchit on a short called Ode to Smashy, it was originally going to be animated by me last year but I never got around to it. Bletchit recently came along and asked if we could work together on something, and the video below is the result. I think he did a fantastic job.


All in one week! Wow, I have been busy.

So first of all, im sure most of you are wanting to see my tribute to Egoraptor and Game Grumps. So here it is first.

For some reason when I sent it to the Game Grumps guys they never got back to me, I cant imagine why... *single tear rolls down cheek*

Then I also did a tribute to Felix Colgrave, or Master Aardvark to celebrate the release of Man Spaghetti, I dont know if you know this, but the guy is kind of a genius.

THEN on top of that I also released a new original short called Wet Willy! Its about a guy called Willy who gets wet!

And finally I rereleased my 2004 short Reginald the Magic Triangle!

What a week!

What did you achieve this week?

- Daniel

Newgrounds and Social Media

2013-03-21 19:54:32 by Gerkinman

Just a quick question on the future of Newgrounds, a lot of the improvements that have been made to Newgrounds in the last few months have been fantastic, things like the notifications system and being able to see what activity your friends have been up to are fantastic additions to the website, even if they didn't come about until years after the same features were implemented by competitor sites. Better late than never.
One area I feel like the site is still lacking however, or two areas actually, are within the space of social media and the lack of the site being built with responsive design in mind.
The first aspect, social media, is pretty self explanatory, obviously you can tweet and promote your work on facebook, but now that we have a video player on the site, is their any reason we cant embed these videos directly into our facebook or tumblr pages? Maybe its something that is already in the works, or maybe since im no expert in web coding there is far more involved than I realise. But moving forward, if Newgrounds is to stay relevant, or indeed get some of its relevance back, I think its something that will need to happen.
The second area was responsive design, this is only something that im really noticing to be an issue now. I know the redesign we currently have on the site was started upon years ago, before responsive design was really much of a concept. But now that Newgrounds supports videos and html5 games, making the content more mobile friendly, it can be rather frustrating to use the site in its current state on mobile devices. These are just my opinions however and I would be interested to hear what others think.

In other news, I have to rereleased old shorts up on the youtubes. Swivel is my new favourite thing in the world.

The first was Down at McDonalds which is still probably my favourite short to date despite being made like 5 years ago.

The other was the final episode of the original series of Nimbin. I have been wanting to return to the series with new art and a new format for quite some time but after a pretty luke warm to the series release on Youtube im not really sure if its worth it.

Next week I am hoping to have a new short called Wet Willy finised and released, its my first proper short in my new animation style. So yay for that.


These aren't Game Grumps :B They are animations tho, so you should still check em out.

That said, making shitty poorly animated Game Grumps cartoons seems to be an easy ticket to popularity, nothing like a good old fashioned piggy back off someone else's work to boost ones own street cred aye. Maybe I should make one to wrack up some of those ever precious subscribers. Ive gotta hand it to Arin and John, encouraging people to essentially make what are ads for there channel in turn for a plug and a couple of thousand views is pretty genius. These could be the new George Lucas's right here!

Heres an old man trying to open a jar of pickles.

Dix <3

- Daniel

My Cintiq just arrived.

2013-02-28 22:40:57 by Gerkinman

Yup, after years of deliberating on whether or not to get a cintiq I finally caved and purchased one. Its just arrived, the 22 inch model, the box is huge and I need to take it home on public transport and then rearrange my entire home studio to accomodate it, but im excited as all hell. This either means more work more polished or the same amount of work with just as much polish... who knows?!?!?

Well, I guess first up in news as it has been 2 weeks is that I have released a few more shorts. 2 new ones and one HD rerelease of a short from 2006. You can find them below.

So a Cintiq is quiet an investment, and you might be wondering what particular projects spurred on this purchase? Well, I have a few things in the pipe line. I have a 5 episode new season of Nimbin in the writing stages, I would probably put that at 50% written. Then I have a new True Super Mario short im also in the middle of writing, this will be the last one in the series. On top of that I have a follow up to the 2004 short Sp00nage im in the middle of working out. Oh, and a short film im hoping to get into film festivals and a bunch of little loops and 30 - 45 second shorts I have ideas for. All these little ideas are either written or storyboarded in my little note book so hopefully most of them should see the light of day. Im experiencing a bit of a creative renaissance at the moment and im loving every moment of it.

How are you doin? ;3

Happy Valentines Day Fags

2013-02-15 00:46:03 by Gerkinman

Im gay for you all, here are some videos I made to share my gay love with you <3

Happy VDay you lovely people :3


2013-02-07 23:03:57 by Gerkinman

Oh hai there Newgrounds. How ya doing? Ive put out some stuff rather recently. Have a looksee.

Still loving the absolute shit out of swivel, what a marvel it is.

Hopefully I will have some proper new animations and the next episode of Serenity up soon. Until then, check out the toons above and lemme know what you think.


2013-01-28 22:33:01 by Gerkinman

Works fucking brilliant. After a year of taking my animation into either After Effects or Premier with everything set up as graphics it feels great to be able to just take a swf into a program like Swivel and have it spit it out. So thanks a million guys. I can see it having just as much an effect on my professional work as it does my stupid cartoons.

Also heres a short I released last week. Its about animals. That think they are fruit and vegetables.

I should have some more new animations out soon with only one more HD rerelease planned. Huzzah!

New Year New Cartoons

2013-01-20 02:38:21 by Gerkinman

Yeah, its a new year and I think I have done pretty well to have already released 2 short films. The first being Hollywood which you can find below, its about how I understand the movie business works these days.

And the second piece is the first in a series of time-lapse short films entitled Serenity, the first short being called Albatross.

As for the rest of the year, I have another short animated film called I Am the Mango almost completed, it tells the tale of a number of animals in the city who have named themselves after fruits and vegetables.

I also have 3 new episodes of Nimbin written as well as a handful of 30 - 45 second skits I want to get done.

Thats on top of 2 short films I hope to get finished, one which I hope will be film festival worthy.

Then theres loopdeloop and oh the list goes on and on....

If you really want to follow my animation and keep track of how im going in the Pokemon Challenge where you have to draw one of the original 151 Pokemon a day in order then follow me on Facebook.

What do you hope to achieve this year?

I leave you with a preview shot of I Am The Mango.

New Year New Cartoons