A tribute to Egoraptor AND a tribute to Felix Colgrave!

2013-03-30 01:05:12 by Gerkinman

All in one week! Wow, I have been busy.

So first of all, im sure most of you are wanting to see my tribute to Egoraptor and Game Grumps. So here it is first.

For some reason when I sent it to the Game Grumps guys they never got back to me, I cant imagine why... *single tear rolls down cheek*

Then I also did a tribute to Felix Colgrave, or Master Aardvark to celebrate the release of Man Spaghetti, I dont know if you know this, but the guy is kind of a genius.

THEN on top of that I also released a new original short called Wet Willy! Its about a guy called Willy who gets wet!

And finally I rereleased my 2004 short Reginald the Magic Triangle!

What a week!

What did you achieve this week?

- Daniel


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2013-03-30 09:34:12

Great stuff. I achieved only lazyness.

Gerkinman responds:

I did notice that you got mentioned in Pencil guys blog video thing, thats something.


2013-03-30 09:53:55

eh stick to cartoons, the live action thing was pretty cringey

Gerkinman responds:

That was the idea, but yeah, your probably right.


2013-04-18 17:25:23

Yeah, I've been getting around...