My Cintiq just arrived.

2013-02-28 22:40:57 by Gerkinman

Yup, after years of deliberating on whether or not to get a cintiq I finally caved and purchased one. Its just arrived, the 22 inch model, the box is huge and I need to take it home on public transport and then rearrange my entire home studio to accomodate it, but im excited as all hell. This either means more work more polished or the same amount of work with just as much polish... who knows?!?!?

Well, I guess first up in news as it has been 2 weeks is that I have released a few more shorts. 2 new ones and one HD rerelease of a short from 2006. You can find them below.

So a Cintiq is quiet an investment, and you might be wondering what particular projects spurred on this purchase? Well, I have a few things in the pipe line. I have a 5 episode new season of Nimbin in the writing stages, I would probably put that at 50% written. Then I have a new True Super Mario short im also in the middle of writing, this will be the last one in the series. On top of that I have a follow up to the 2004 short Sp00nage im in the middle of working out. Oh, and a short film im hoping to get into film festivals and a bunch of little loops and 30 - 45 second shorts I have ideas for. All these little ideas are either written or storyboarded in my little note book so hopefully most of them should see the light of day. Im experiencing a bit of a creative renaissance at the moment and im loving every moment of it.

How are you doin? ;3


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2013-02-28 23:29:18

let me know how you like it or are adjusting to it. ive been debating even getting the tiny one. I've already been warned im doing great damage to my wrist from mousing it for 15+ years. HMPH

(Updated ) Gerkinman responds:

I have been using a Bamboo for 2 years, before that and Intuos for 2 years and before that a Graphire for 6 years. I just find I draw differently on paper then I do on the tablet, so im hoping the Cintiq will make the 2 different ways of drawing sort of merge.


2013-03-01 12:03:33

My 12wx just arrived today, I'm excited to open it! This means Luis is now the last mouse-dork in existence!

And the main reason I got a tablet was to polish up a 5 episode series I'M working on.... are you me?

(Updated ) Gerkinman responds:

5 episodes is the sweet spot. I don't think I'm you, if I was I would have a lot more subscribers on YouTube ha ha. Was up using it all night, makes a huuuuuuge difference.


2013-03-01 19:30:35

Prepare to experience the amazing power of 22 inches. The gloves are off. Congratulations on your new Cintiq!

(Updated ) Gerkinman responds:

Why thank you good sir.


2013-03-01 23:15:59

I rarely come by Newgrounds anymore but it excites me to see 'old' animators still here. Keep it up man.

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks mate, if you want to keep tabs on what im doing its probably best to scoot over to inman?feature=mhee and hit up the ol subscribe button ;)


2013-03-05 09:03:36

Pokeball ! I Choose You!
ThunderShock Pikachu!