New Legend of Zelda Short Released

2013-06-02 01:18:56 by Gerkinman

Yes I did, imagine me, making parodies again. Its almost as tho I dont care anymore and just want to cave in and give people what they want. So here it is. Links Amazing Adventure.

I even got some animators together to talk about the Legend of Zelda series, including locals Carbonwater and Blordow. So have a listen in if you want, I do one of these most weeks with different animators covering topics from animation to video games and film making. If you think its the sort of thing you might want to listen to then why not SUBSCRIBE?

OR if your interested in getting a quicker run down on what I have done this last month or what I have coming up this month, then why not check out my new monthly vlog The Gerkinman Monthly? It takes away the effort of all that annoying reading and I even show some previews of upcoming projects. How exciting? *crickets*

Thats pretty much it for this week, stay tuned for more stuff and things...


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2013-06-02 01:25:31

dat moon iz so scaray ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Gerkinman responds:

Shiggy shittin face.


2013-06-02 07:15:43

The thing with paraodies is that they attract a big userbase - and there can never be enough Zelda parodies ^^

Gerkinman responds:

That is most certainly a thing.


2013-06-03 05:18:06

Congrats for Daily 5th :)

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks maaaaaaaaaaaan!