Check out my new Game Grumps animation!

2013-03-08 00:17:36 by Gerkinman


These aren't Game Grumps :B They are animations tho, so you should still check em out.

That said, making shitty poorly animated Game Grumps cartoons seems to be an easy ticket to popularity, nothing like a good old fashioned piggy back off someone else's work to boost ones own street cred aye. Maybe I should make one to wrack up some of those ever precious subscribers. Ive gotta hand it to Arin and John, encouraging people to essentially make what are ads for there channel in turn for a plug and a couple of thousand views is pretty genius. These could be the new George Lucas's right here!

Heres an old man trying to open a jar of pickles.

Dix <3

- Daniel


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2013-03-08 04:23:32

Yay, more Game Grumps animations! said noone...

Gerkinman responds:

I did kind of have an idea for one, not using audio from the show, but I dont really know if its worth it.