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Holy shit, i just had Wonchop call my mobile, i have no idea how he got my number, i dont hand it out to anybody. Anyways, im sitting here at work, my phone rings, i answer it, and its fucking wonchop saying Gerkinman over and over really slowly. So, because this is so strange i ask him whats going on. He tells me everybody on the internet has turned on him and hates him, even people he thought were his friends. Hes very stressed at the moment. I ask him why he has called me, especially since i hate him myself. He tells me because i know what its like to be hated by everyone. After that uplifting piece of information i told him to just leave the internet and wait for it all to blow over, but no, the internet means to much to him. Then he tells me he has a gun in his hand and screamed into the phone for about 20 seconds. I proceeded to hang up on him and turn off my phone so he couldnt call me back.

This all happened just now.

So dear Wonchop

If you were being serious, i hope you went threw with it, the shit you pulled was bad enough, but to make an international call to tell me im the only person you know thats as hated as you are and that makes us friends and i should help you is bullshit. Good riddens.

If you werent being serious... grow some fucking balls, man up and move on. Consider yourself lucky i wasnt at the con. While most people around here thrive on E-Drama and rely on their friends and words to solve their problems, both online and off, as was evident at the con, i personally prefer to solve my problems with my fists and would have been more then happy to have hit you, several times, had i been there.

Dont ever call my fucking mobile again and dont ever, EVER compare yourself to me again and pray we never meet in person while your at it.

In other news, heres a picture of Gerkinman and independant aussie comic star Billy Demon Slayer i drew.

So Wonchop Just Called My Mobile

And that special someone is sliced bread. Yes, today is the 80th birthday of sliced bread. Happy birthday sliced bread loaf. The world wouldnt be the same without you.

On a side note, expect a new movie in the next 2 weeks, what it is however is a secret.

Also, heres another picture i did. Isnt the bee cute? Awww.

The most important birthday of the year is today.

First of all, id like to just say i have a new showreel up, its pretty much everything ive been working on over the last 6 months, some of these cartoons have been released, others im still working on, so its as much a preview as it is a flash back.

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Now down to business, im sure their have been quite a number of people here who have seen the trailer for "Disaster Movie" This little gem here.

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Holy shit does it look terrible, and a majority of people agree. So my question is, why is wrong for hollywood to make shit like this, but Newgrounds promotes the exact same tripe, albeit in flash form, as something worthy of being noticed and popular? Now im not saying parodies are bad, infact Spaceballs is one of my all time favorite movies and its a parody.

/* */
The difference being its actually well written and the jokes come from the source materials rather then just mashing pop culture references together in the hope that for every ten misses theres atleast one hit. But once again, back to my original point, who the hell is the audience that keeps going to see these piece of shit movies? Im guessing it has to be the same people that make the craptastic parodies here. So heres my advice to you people. Keep making your piece of shit parodies, and make them less and less entertaining, hell, dont make them entertaining at all, and you too can one day join hollywood and get paid millions to make horrible horrible movies. I cant wait until we start seeing 4chan references in my hollywood movies, the idea of a 50 million dollar "Over 9000" movie gets me the pants! Newgrounds, 5 years from now we will be seeing names from here gracing cinemas greatest abominations.

Where does that leave anybody with a drip of originality in them? In the gutter, where they belong. Dirty Swine.

Finally, heres a pic i drew =D

Newgrounds - The next generation of Disaster Movies?

More Brawl Taunts Released

2008-06-02 00:13:34 by Gerkinman

But i didnt work on that, however i did work on a movie called "Whats That Sound?" and it too came out yesterday/today. You can find it here.

Whats That Sound?

Currently it has a whopping score of 3.57. Not bad for a flash that only took a few hundred hours (Mainly on the backgrounds). Not to mention actually getting the rights too/ and commisioning music for. If you havent seen it yet go and check it out, and vote fairly. Ones and Two's seem pretty appropriate. It is an original cartoon after all and hardly what you would call conventional.

So i suppose now thats out of the way ill have to finish "Break On Through" and ill be ready to start the new Nimbin series. Or maybe ill get a Nimbin short out before its release, hard to say at this point in time, i do have some ideas for some 1 minuteish shorts that wouldnt take too long to make... in theory.

And so, i will leave you now with a few skits from an Australian TV series called Pizza. Why? Because Newgrounds needs more ethnic comedy, and god knows im not the man to make it...or am i?

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/* */

/* */

/* */
And finally, in celebration of "Whats That Sound?"s release, heres the full version of the second "Ultimate Asparagus" toon that wasnt featured on Newgrounds because of the live action backgrounds.

/* */

Sonic And Sprites Suck Dicks

2008-05-25 23:30:58 by Gerkinman

Another week goes by and another week without the release of the final Ultimate Asparagus cartoon goes along with it. Its coming its coming, just keep waiting, not long now.

However, looking ahead, as hinted in my last Journal, Nimbin is officially coming back. I wont be giving anything about stories away, but i will say that this will not be a serial, some of these Nimbin cartoons will be very short, others will be longer, most will be around the 3 minute mark at most. They will focus on different characters (much as the original comics did) and seperate stories. It might take a bit of adjusting to get used to the new art style and character designs, but im sure for most people (Since Nimbin wasnt all that popular originally anyway) it wont be a big deal. Nimbin comics are also being written for a graphic novel release, much like the shorts these will focus on completely different stories and different characters, two are already written and only one contains any of the original cast. I was also going to originally recruit some of Newgrounds "talent" but after Egoraptor shooting me down because i dont like his other stuff and hes not interested in doing anything "different" i once again decided to do all the male voices myself. Ive come a long way since the original series was done and you can expect to hear a more old skool Ren and Stimpy approach to the voices rather then the more common "annoying and fast paced" voices that seem to be popular at the moment. So if any girls out there can act without sounding like the kind of girls found in the typical anime dub feel free to contact me. So uhhh... heres some concept art.

Yes, i am blending real people in with my animation, and no, its not like anything you have ever seen on Newgrounds before.

Sonic And Sprites Suck Dicks

Super Smash Bros is Shit!

2008-05-16 00:33:59 by Gerkinman

The Ultimate Asparagus has once again hit a speed bump causing release to be pushed back. Now now, it was nothing nasty, infact it was my fault. I decided i wanted to make one particular scene into a very nice frame by frame sequence, which doesnt sound like much, but when you consider its 40 seconds long and im animating at 30fps you can see how it might stight to take a little time. Once this scene is finished the rest will come easy, but until then... many a sleepless night. Boom Blox and GTA4 dont help either.

In other news, once Break on Through and Hush are out of the way i might be reviving one of my old series, not the original Gerkinman and not War of the Worlds (Which i instead have bigger plans for if this new iteration of an old series goes well). Heres a hint, its about 4 little creatures and there adventures around the town of Nimbin. Can you guess what it is?

And finally heres the poster for the upcoming Asparagus short. Its also in a similar style to how i plan to do this revived series.

Super Smash Bros is Shit!

The last Ultimate Asparagus cartoon is almost finished, i know im running a little behind, but you can thank GTA4 for that. Gimme 2 weeks and itll be done and i can get to work on other things. Break on Through shouldnt be far behind.

Speaking of GTA4, Brucie is probably without argument the single coolest video game character ever, bar none.

Not speaking of GTA4, the Newgrounds Tank Awards, i dunno what to think about it... On the one hand its cool to see people get this kind of recognition, but on the other hand leaving it up to the general Newgrounds community to decide the nominees (indirectly i know), i dont know how i feel about it, not that the submissions arent good, or great even, i just think there where alot of other flash far more deserving then alot of the nominations. Almost as if next year there needs to be a 3rd catogory, for best flash nobody saw. Tho i know the implications of finding the nominees for that would be insain. Its still something i think thats worth looking at for the future.

Lastly, heres a picture of Rtil playing a drum and yelling about "how right he is". Im not sure what it is exactly hes right about, probably everything, and at the same time nothing.

That said, im out.


Red hot vaginas and caramel cream pies!

Oh Shit! Im Cuming! EUGH!

2008-04-15 00:04:04 by Gerkinman

Things are crazy here at the moment, flash wise atleast.

It looks like i may be able to get the last Ultimate Asparagus cartoon (for now) out by the end of this month. Im powering threw it. But thats not all thats on the way, oh no.

Next month should see the release of my first full music video since Peaches, Break on Through (Screenshot below). The Doors fans rejoice, im really happy with how its coming out.

The month after that? Surely i can have even more in the works? But whats this? I do? Yes, a short story about the life of someone that works in the animation business, lives alone, and is to busy trying to make a living to go out and make friends and all that sorta stuff. Loosely based on my own life over the past year. I call it "Hush".

Is there more after that? Well yes there is, a trilogy of short animations, all with an environmental theme will be soon to follow.

Im also part of numerous collabs (Excluding the new One Love collab being run by Qwazin, i got kicked out for not being the most friendly of people and having bashed most of the other artists taking place in the project at some point).

I could go on and on, and for once, i actually know these things WILL happen, this isnt like Conforming the Laughter (Which is still coming god knows when) and Randy Rocket Snail (Currently in limbo due to me not knowing what exactly i want to do with it, a game, a movie, a series, a graphic novel). These are all in the works, past the planning stages and on there way.

This is the year i make a come back. And im doing it with a vengence.

And best of all, not a parody in sight. Infact...not even a "comedy" in sight...I guess i have changed over the years...

Oh Shit! Im Cuming! EUGH!

Supanova and apologies.

2008-03-31 20:25:27 by Gerkinman

First of all i would like to apologize for my behaviour over the last few weeks. Ive pissed off alot of people i would rather not have as well as embaressed myself...again. So im going to slow down on all my authur bashing and whatnot (not including sprite folk, the hammers of war march on as far as they are concerned). I guess i was just frustrated, my drawing/animation has barely improved over the years, and i still get frustrated when i see good original content ignored in favor of cheap parody rubbish. On the upside, having everybody turn on me after i turned on them resparked my desire for improvement and got me back into drawing and animation again, serious drawing too, not just simple little doodles. I guess i have the desire to proove everybody wrong and to proove i can create decent stuff to drive me...

Anyways, on an unrelated note, for all you Australians around Brisbane and northern New South Wales, Supanova is this weekend and i will be attending. You can find me at the OzTaku booth doing $2 commisions. Ill most likely be doing charicatures and whatnot. So feel free to drop in and say hello.

Also, here is a bird i drew, i might do something with him in the future because MRat told me too 8D

Supanova and apologies.

So i have a few topics today.

First of all sprites, the war rages on. The latest development comes thanks too some guy nobodys ever heard of from Youtube, id like to quote him.

"in some way sprite editing might be theft, but it's still art in it's own way"

This information courtesy of Garnerbloodsaber.

So you heard it here first folks, art theft is okay, its still art in its own way. Go out and steal to your hearts content, your still an artist.

The link is c2k

People hate sprites and spriters for all kinds of reasons, some because of the fact theyre mostly talentless hacks, others becayse its art theft, and others still because sprite movies are never well written or well animated. Fact of the matter is Spriters are around to stay. Aslong as people keep clicking on anything with mario or sonic on it they will keep popping up and get bloated scores regardless of quality, theres nothing anyone can do about it soitd be nice if everyone could just get over it. But on the topic of sprites, id like to bring up just how flawed the review system on newgrounds has become and how its getting harder and harder for anybody with original content to get noticed here.

As an example i would like to use Smash Kingdom Melee. A flash with terrible animation, and even worse writing. Currently with a score of 4.44 and a review average of 9.6 / 10. As a test me and some other members submitted review ranging from 7 to 1, and everything below a 5 got removed for being offensive. Heres my short and simple review.

Score: 1 / 10
Summary: Wow
Review: What a fantastic collection of stolen sprites and stolen jokes.

Now, nowhere did i openly bash the flash or the author, nowhere is anything rule breaking written. So why was it deleted? Was it the low score people were offended by? Is the idea of a sprite movie scoring badly really that offensive to people? Apparently so, not to mention the fact it might damage the all important average review average. How are people who want to focus on original content supposed to compete with the cast of Super Smash Bros? Its simple, they cant.

Newgrounds used to be a place where people came to get noticed, now its impossible to get noticed if your doing original content. Now there are cash prizes, but its hard to win them for original content because people know sticking Mario in your cartoon is alot more likely to win you money then sticking originality or effort into your cartoons. Not to mention "I" think its morally wrong to hand out prizes to people that dont go to the effort of coming up with there own ideas. Is that the sort of thing Newgrounds wants to encourage? Use other peoples established characters and youll go far.

I dont have any answers for any of this, but i would like to see some kind of proper "Newgrounds Originals Initiative" where people are payed for their efforts to create something original or unique. Im not talking money or anything like that. Just some acknowledgement. The knowledge that your ideas arent just getting washed away unnoticed in between Super Smash Bros Awesome Duel 6 and Megamans Awesome Weekend Of Awesomeness 357. Whether it be its own page, or the front page properly devided between original content and the parody work thats needed to keep traffic coming to the site, original content needs more exposure.

As i said i dont have any answers, but i do know more needs to be done.

Keep in mind these are just one guys opinions, feel free to argue with me.