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Really cool mixed media man, loved the paper cut out stuff and love the classical stuff. Solid all around.

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CoolDrMoney responds:

Change to 5 star or I ban

Your work is always such a joy to watch. Loved it.

Nice little short man, your animation skills have come a long way.

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ApexxWolf responds:

:O thanks a lot man. I know you're not too fond of 'pokemon parodies' but I honestly appreciate the kind words.

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A nice proof of concept

I like the engine itself, and its nice to see a vector based mario game for a change rather then a sprite based one. I do have a few issues with the game however. The controls feel a little loose when it comes to the jumping mechanics, I didn't mind the wall jumping, although I think it could be a little more forgiving with the distance it gives you when you do it. My main issue with the game is the fact that it is just another mario clone. I would have preferred to see original characters and music, but I guess you have the engine now so that should be easy. I also noticed some performance issues, even tho my PC has 8gb of ram, I suppose this could be due to the large number of vector assets? All in all tho, I think its a great engine and I hope I get to see it put to good use.

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I gotta say man

That engine is really coming together, i just wish you were doing something more with it. Even something as simple as a brand new zelda art style or something like that would be great, just, i dunno, something to elevate it above just being another zelda sprite game.

A nice engine

Only a few complaints, it would be nice to be able to walk diagonally for example. But my real main problem is the fact its using the zelda license. Don't get me wrong, im a massive zelda fan, but i always thought it would be cool to have a zelda type game, but with different characters and a different setting, like a sci fi style zelda or something like that, or you would need to do is find a competent artist that would be interested in working on the project, hell id love to do the art for a zelda clone myself, you can check out my flash if your interested. But yeh, as i was saying, its a nice engine, so itd be even nicer to see a whole new character and series born out of it.

duperDude responds:

I'm not positive twowards an "Sci-fi", i rather stick with medieval setting.
I'll think about it

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This might just be the worst thing I have ever had my ears subjected too...

Keep trying?...

I guess?...

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VilexPlague responds:

So what part did you not like? I can't say I'm fond of a critique that has no soul. Can you please be more constructive in critiquing what I do, next time? Anyway, thank you for listening in.

This song is a thing of beauty.

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Cycon responds:

i can see you have exquisite tastes in the finer things.

This is an awesome track mate, reminds me a little bit of the under water music from Donkey Kong Land on the gameboy at parts. Really chill, love it.

Andersson187 responds:

Thanks a lot!

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Simply awesome.

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MindChamber responds:

thanks homey


Cute as

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Driven, if nothing else.

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