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Fucking balls to the walls amazing. Looks like I came back to Newgrounds at just the right time!

Really cool mixed media man, loved the paper cut out stuff and love the classical stuff. Solid all around.

CoolDrMoney responds:

Change to 5 star or I ban

Your work is always such a joy to watch. Loved it.

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A nice proof of concept

I like the engine itself, and its nice to see a vector based mario game for a change rather then a sprite based one. I do have a few issues with the game however. The controls feel a little loose when it comes to the jumping mechanics, I didn't mind the wall jumping, although I think it could be a little more forgiving with the distance it gives you when you do it. My main issue with the game is the fact that it is just another mario clone. I would have preferred to see original characters and music, but I guess you have the engine now so that should be easy. I also noticed some performance issues, even tho my PC has 8gb of ram, I suppose this could be due to the large number of vector assets? All in all tho, I think its a great engine and I hope I get to see it put to good use.

Fantastic Engine

Id like to see it used with something a little more original in the future, as in something that isnt related to mario, i think this engine could be used to create some truly great and unique games in the future with a little tweaking.

Its like Type of the Dead

Only with a better soundtrack. I demand a sequal. And with more boxes.

catbrush responds:

typing of the dead is like my favorite game

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This might just be the worst thing I have ever had my ears subjected too...

Keep trying?...

I guess?...

VilexPlague responds:

So what part did you not like? I can't say I'm fond of a critique that has no soul. Can you please be more constructive in critiquing what I do, next time? Anyway, thank you for listening in.

This song is a thing of beauty.

Cycon responds:

i can see you have exquisite tastes in the finer things.

This is an awesome track mate, reminds me a little bit of the under water music from Donkey Kong Land on the gameboy at parts. Really chill, love it.

Andersson187 responds:

Thanks a lot!

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Simply awesome.

MindChamber responds:

thanks homey


Cute as

Driven, if nothing else.

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