Entry #96

Flatwoods Game Released.

2016-10-07 17:15:14 by Gerkinman

Well, I finally did it, I made a game, and I released it. You can check out the trailer here!

So, if that has your attention, the game is currently available for free download on itch.io right here!

Now, if your the patient type I am working on a html5 port specifically for here on newgrounds, I just need to work out some resolution and optimisation issues as the game was built to run at 720p. I will hopefully have it up this time next week.

But until then!

Thanks for the support everyone!


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2016-10-08 09:19:21

Looks great! Hope the HTML5 port goes well, always curious about what sort of obstacles crop up.

Gerkinman responds:

Everything seems to be going well so far, here's hoping I don't run into any major issues!