Im not dead!

2014-10-15 20:49:42 by Gerkinman

Not that anyone would have noticed my absence lately. Anyway, im working on a short and I have been for the last 5 months. Its called White Eyes and its going to be the last Gerkinman short I plan on making (yeah we will see how that goes). Originally I wanted it done within a month but then I moved overseas and had to start working 2 jobs and then personal problems happened, I started using After Effects along with Flash which meant a lot of learning and its all been a bit of a shit show. Point is, im working on something, and I hope to have it out on December 2nd since thats my birthday, and what better time to kill off the character that brought me here in the first place than my birthday 10 years after his debut.







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2014-10-15 21:27:44

I like dat fire splash effect! Lookin forward to it

Gerkinman responds:

Cheers man, mix of After Effects and traditional fbf


2014-10-16 07:45:29

looks awesome cant wait to see the finished product

Gerkinman responds:

I hope it doesn't disappoint ha ha.


2014-10-16 09:09:03

>Looking Dope
>I'm not dead!
>Announces Death.

Gerkinman responds:

Thats how I roll.


2014-10-16 09:44:53

Wow looks dope i just happen to come across this and i'm interested to know what are the names of the previous installments so i can watch all of them.

Gerkinman responds:

This is very much a stand alone film, even tho it has some references in it to shorts I made back in 2004. If you do want to watch more of my shorts tho I would recommend The Client is Always Right and White Eyes :)