New Toon! Spilt Coffee!

2014-03-08 21:20:31 by Gerkinman

Yup, another new toon. I was up all night finishing this sucker, and whats more, Ive decided to release it here on NG almost a week before its scheduled Youtube release! You can check it out below!

Ive had to upload it a few times because for some reason during the processing process parts of the video are artifacting, which is sort of frustrating, it seems to get worse with each upload. Hopefully these little kinks will be ironed out tho.

I also released a not parody of flappy birds a couple of weeks ago for anyone who missed it!

The comments are generally funnier then the short itself.

In other news, my youtube channel is continuing to grow thanks to frederator, if you dont want to read about it then just watch this video.

If your interested in behind the scenes videos on the creative process behind my shorts then thats the place to go as I have stopped uploading speed paints and speed animates here due to negative feed back. Also, as you can see in the above thumbnail, Nimbin is coming back after a five year hiatus. You can check out the speed animate for the new title sequence (which was based on the sequence from the original 2004 pilot) below.

After Nimbin I will be taking a break from animation to do the art for a new game im working on, unfortunately its being made in RPG Maker so I wont be able to release it here, but it is based on the original Gerkinman series from 2004 and im excited to see where it goes.

Also, the Game Over Gerkinman channel is still chugging along, views have dropped off significantly, but with so many other youtube channels out there covering games thats too be expected. If your the kind of person who wants to listen to the likes of Coolboyman, Blordow, Carbonwater, Th1rt3en or Caseymobile talk about video games then be sure to give us a subscribe as we are trying to give you guys at home the best and most interesting content we can!

You can check out our Alex Kidd in Miracle World one shot below!

Or you can check out the start of our series on Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire below!

And thats pretty much it, sorry for having such a big blog post, but I only do them when I have new content out... so... yeah...

Thanks again for your time and Ill see you lovely people again when the new Nimbin episode I Am The Walrus is out!




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2014-03-09 01:11:29

Nice little animation. Shaun did a good job with the voice acting. What programs did you use for all this i.e. Animating software, video editing software, sound editors?

Gerkinman responds:

Hey man, good to see your around! Shaun always does a tip top job, that was his first take as well.

It was animated entirely in flash, with just a little bit of post done in After Effects and I do all of my editing in Premier. The sound was done in Audition. Im paying for Creative Cloud so I might as well learn to use all of it. (That said i've been using Premier and After Effects for quite a few years now, ever since Final Cut turned into a steaming pile).


2014-03-09 12:30:13

Consistancy is key, congrats on getting a broader fanbase, youre a smart chap and definitely have some morsels of wisdom many could benefit from.

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks man, I still haven't cracked 200 subs but I got 48 in the last month thanks to Sp00nage 2 and a collab I worked on with the Frederator folk, so that was cool. Just got to keep on churning out content.


2014-03-10 10:18:07


Gerkinman responds:



2014-04-20 03:34:59

The walrus is you

Gerkinman responds:



2014-08-06 01:56:05

Hey there! about your recent time lapse video, you are right, that wont ignite a flood vlog or lets play content, but it will promote a thing that has already happened before and is live action production, and there is a reason for why videos like the numa numa dance are not allowed to be hosted here anymore, even if that video has become a classic of NG and the internet.

Actually we went over a similar thing like this before when we openly discussed about speed paint videos, and the conclusion was that as long as no flood was produced it was ok to have it, mostly because they had the possibility to fall in the tutorial category, and even be annexed under the art portal.

However these time lapse videos whit a stop motion technique have the same nature but not the same problems as the unedited photographs on the art portal which are not allowed, and is because they are mostly live imagery, i don't remember what level of edition a photograph has to have sustained for it to not get banned from the art portal, but it needs to be a fairly notorious modification, and if you get a submission banned you also get unscouted, in the flash portals there is no such thing as getting unscouted so you have less pressure when uploading content, what i am trying to say is that the site (both users and the idea of page itself) is very particular about this kind of media, and only some limited exceptions may get to survive.

Since this is an isolated case i don't really think that it will get removed, but lets think about the future, what if more people decide to follow this idea and submit similar works? Even if they use an animation technique it can be argued that is not really an animation video, but just a a live action one. Following this mental exercise of a future scenario, and having into account that you don't consider YT an art friendly site, what about using Vimeo? using Newgrounds is great but until the policies change live-action is to be a very special thing here, a rarity allowed only for certain times and circumstances.

But i am not really here to discourage you (even if i mention vimeo), if you see the opportunity to generate a positive change, and you think that this kind of content can do it and improve the page, then please go ahead.