New Year! New Toon! 10 Years on NG!

2014-02-06 21:22:42 by Gerkinman

Yup, its another one of those 10 years posts! And to celebrate 10 years of being here on Newgrounds I decided to make a sequel to my 2004 short Sp00nage. The original short had an all star cast but wasn't really all that well recieved, which was fair enough, it wasnt a great cartoon. At the end of that short was a trailer for a sequel, a sequel that never saw the light of day until now! 

Watch out, because Sp00nage isn't the only thing returning from 2004! But more on that as it comes.

In other news, for those who missed the last blawg post, im part of the Frederator Network now. As much as Tom hates us plugging our youtube channels (and understandably so) I cant help but plug my channel as their is a lot of content on it that just wouldnt sit well here on NG. Next week a commentary version of the original Sp00nage and Sp00nage 2 will be hitting the channel, but until then, heres my most recent update video as its quicker then reading.

Finally, id just like to plug my gaming channel, which is what the old Gerkinman channel has become. I started a video podcast series with a tonne of other Newgrounds creators such as Blordow, Coolboyman, Th1rt3en, Carbonwater and many others. The series is set up sort of like a lets play, but instead of being done live, the videos are done more as a discussion over the top of the pre recorded footage and im hoping it is something that grows and more people get involved with over time. You can check out the first 3 episodes (based on 3 seperate games respectively below)

And thats pretty much it folks, sorry for the long post and I hope I havent bored you. Im hoping to become more active on this site again, and I gotta let Tom know, this new blogging set up is absolutely delightful!

Peace out!


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2014-02-06 21:45:05

Happy ten years! and neat videos!

Gerkinman responds:

Aw thankies <3


2014-02-07 06:56:24

A new addition to the Decade Brigade! Congrats!

Gerkinman responds:

Why welcome kind sir!


2014-02-07 15:51:21

finally a youtue chanel about video games

Gerkinman responds:

I know right, how did nobody think of this before?!?!?!?!


2014-02-07 17:38:14

Dang, a whole decade, that's crazy! The original Sp00nage was one of my favorite cartoons online growing up back when I was like 11 years old or so. It's pretty cool to see that you're still going. Nice work!

Gerkinman responds:

Ha ha, I didnt think anybody really liked that cartoon since it didn't so all that well. I hope your still making stuff in 10 years time!


2014-02-12 10:42:00

And for 10 more crazy years!

Gerkinman responds: