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1/28/13 by Gerkinman
Updated 1/28/13

Works fucking brilliant. After a year of taking my animation into either After Effects or Premier with everything set up as graphics it feels great to be able to just take a swf into a program like Swivel and have it spit it out. So thanks a million guys. I can see it having just as much an effect on my professional work as it does my stupid cartoons.

Also heres a short I released last week. Its about animals. That think they are fruit and vegetables.

I should have some more new animations out soon with only one more HD rerelease planned. Huzzah!


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You'll probably hate me for saying this, but I consider HD and After Effects more of an inhibitor than an enhancement.

1/30/13 Gerkinman responds:

I dont hate you for that, how do you find it inhibiting?